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Microblading is the newest most natural technique to enhance your eyebrows.  It looks like real hair, not a tattoo.  It has several names in the industry such as 3D Brows, Permanent Makeup, Embroidery eyebrows, Feather Stroke Eyebrows, Micro Hair Stroke Brows, Real Brows, & Micro-pigmentation.  Microblading can last up to 2 years depending on how well you take care of it.  Touch ups are recommended once a year to maintain color intensity.  At least one week before your treatment you should not wax, tweeze, or thread.  There is no "downtime needed for this procedure.  A topical anesthetic will be applied for your comfort.  Your brows will be slightly darker immediately after.  7-10 days after treatment the top layer of dead skin will flake off.  After 4-6 weeks you will come in for your touch up.  Microblading is a 2 step process.  No tanning, swimming, picking, or peeling while your brows heal.


Dermaplaning is an awesome lunchtime treatment that will leave your skin ultra smooth and glowing! It is a manual exfoliation of the outer dead skin cell layer, the epidermis.  This treatment also removes the vellus (fine) hair known as "peach fuzz."  After the exfoliation a moisturizer and spf is applied to best suit your skin type.  Dermaplaning can also be combined with a chemical peel for a deeper exfoliating treatment.  This procedure will make your skin flake and peel for a few days leaving you with a flawlewss complexion!


Our chemical peels are from Skin Medica and are extremely effective for acne, melasma (brown patches), hyperpigmentation (brown spots), tone, and texture of your skin.  There are different levels of chemical peels.  Most chemical peels work best when they are performed 3-4 weeks apart for 4-6 treatments, however one treatment may be fine for your skin type.  Approximately 24 hours after your chemical peel your skin will start to flake.  This will happen for 2-5 days depending on the level selected for you.  We will discuss what is best for your skin before the treatment.


Areola restoration is a procedure to tattoo your areola and nipple  after breast reconstruction.  I use a 3D technique so that your nipple appears realistic.  This treatment usually takes about an hour.  Numbing cream is applied for your comfort.  You can choose the color you would like to restore your areola and nipple.  


 Our spray tans by Norvell, an award winning solution, give you a beautiful bronze tan! Norvell solutions revitalize and nourish the skin.  It is a fast-drying, streak-free, non-sticky, "no orange" formula.  Your tan should last 5-7 days if taken care of properly.  


Come in for a skin analysis and ask any questions you would like about your skin! With 14 years experience as a Medical Aesthetician I know there is something for everyone.  We also offer skin care home regimens from Skin Medica for every type of skin.