Before, brows are very thin on the tails and needed to be filled in.

Immediately after, enhanced brow color

​Left eyebrow

Spray Tans

​Tanning for any occasion that  gives u an instant Bronze Tan!

Immediately after right brow

Before, Very blonde brow

Right eyebrow

Immediately after, enhanced brow color

Right eyebrow

Cutting-Edge Treatment

Check out these brows! This is immediately after the procedure.  Microbladed brows have several names in the industry such as 3D Brows, Embroidery Brows, Permanent Makeup, Micro Hair-Stroke Brows, Feather Stroke Brows,Real Brows, and Micro-Pigmented Brows.

Immediately After left brow

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After Brows

Before right brow, too thin

​Before Brows


Awesome lunchtime treatment that will leave your skin ultra smooth!

Immediately after, yes that is tattoo!! it looks like hair.  Brows are thicker and now are closer together.  Microblading is a very natural look!


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Before left brow, too thin

Immediately after! Much better definition.

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Microbladed Eyebrows

Newest, most natural looking procedure for your perfect brow!

Before, Brows are thin and too far apart.

​Before, Very blonde brow 

​Left eyebrow